30 July 2007 @ 01:03 am
I just got back from seeing Rufus Wainwright who was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

He has such a fun, flamboyant personality and he sounds pretty much flawless live. He had a great band/back-up singers so he could play his songs w/the big horn sections. Though he sounded so lovely when it was just him singing and playing the piano (or guitar) that I could watch a whole concert of just him.

He played most of his new album, Release the Stars, a lot from Want One and Want Two, a few Judy Garland songs, and a song in French. I think my favorites were "Going to A Town," "Between My Legs," "14th Street," and "Gay Messiah." I was disappointed that he didn't play anything from Rufus Wainwright or Poses but I wasn't terribly surprised.

For the first part of the show Rufus wore a pinstripe suit which he managed to make look horribly tacky by affixing many sparkly pins to. It made me happy to see Rufus displaying the horrendous fashion sense that I know and love him for. For the second bit of the concert he wore his Lederhosen that he got recently and seems really proud of in interviews. During the encore he wore a fluffy white robe which he later removed to reveal a a woman's suit (I think it was just the top) and black panty hose accessorized with sparkly jewels, a nice hat, and some high heels (oh, and he applied some lipstick!). He and his band did a dance routine to "Get Happy" and he ended the show performing "Gay Messiah" in drag. He is lovely and has killer legs which I totally covet.

Rufus is quite possibly my favorite artist out right now so I'm thrilled that I got the chance to see him. He totally lived up to all my expectations. Also, Rufus' openers A Fine Frenzy and Sean Lennon were wonderful too!

Rufus' outfits:

Pretty much exactly the kind of outfit I expected him to wear.

Lederhosen are pretty cool, I guess. The socks he wore with them looked thick and comfy.

Applying his lipstick.

Rufus is pretty pretty. Also: YAY Gay Messiah!

And 'cause I don't show him enought love sometimes
A Mini Rufus Picspam

Rufus certainly knows how to work his fashion sense.

But outfits like these should be reason #1 why he shouldn't be allowed to dress himself.

Unless he's dressing like this. This is good.

Sometimes he looks a little like a fashion model.

He's actually quite handsome.

He looks good in black in white though who doesn't?.

My favorite picture of Rufus.

He's a prince among men.

Even when he's being totally serious he's wonderful.

And he's a whiz on the piano plus, he's got cute feet.

And the guitar.

How could you not adore him?

♥ ♥ ♥

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