06 August 2007 @ 04:13 am
I have a ton of black and white pictures so I decided to do a picspam with some (a lot) of them.

In the Picspam: TV (House, Heroes, Lost, Jossverse, Spn, etc...) and Music (P!ATD, TAI, FOB, MCR, Green Day, Placebo, etc...).

80%+ of the pics were originally in b&w but some I photoshopped. Also, some sepia and colored b&w photos pop up but I made the picspam so I can deviate from it's theme if I want.

*Click on pics. to make them bigger.

Oh, Jon's a princess!

Terror alert level shake of yumminess.

Stephen sews his own flags.

GUH. These are my favorite QAF pictures ever.

Gale with facial hair = yes.

So handsome.

Peter Paige also so handsome.

Jared is a pretty, pretty boy.

I love the light on Jensen's eyes in these pictures.

All these pictures are awesome but I especially love the third picture.

Jensen in all white! Guh!

Losties in black and white!

Emilie de Ravin takes the most lovely pictures.

Doctor, Doctor, give me the news...

I am so in love with Rose it's not even funny.

How awesome is her scarf?

A black and white picture of Rose and 10 w/a color layer on top.

CAPTAIN JACK!!!! He's so awesome and looked so amazing in his 40s garb.

This might be my favorite House picture ever, if only 'cause I always get a good laugh out of it everytime I see it.

Hugh Laurie's beautiful blues.

It's a shame that Wilson's never this hot (though I still love him).

Yes please...

Stop being so cute.

Guys, I seriously miss Heroes. Especially Sylar. ZQ is the best (also, I kinda can't believe he's going to be Spock!).

Black and white Peter w/a bunch of crazy color layers on top.

Joss is boss and I LOVE this picture 'cause of how cool Summer looks in it. I thought it'd be pretty in black and white.

I made this picture b&w and I like the results. The shadows on Simon are cool and Juble Early looks ominous in the shadows.

Illyria and her blue hair of doom.

One of my favorite pictures of Alyson.

Oh Spike, you'll always be my #1 love.

I had to black and whiteasize my original OTP.

I have many lovely b&w pictures of SMG.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her. I love the dark hair and eyes.

Bite me.

I think this is my favorite SMG pic (well, the non-photoshoped-by-me version anyway).

I like this picture 'cause Bert actually looks sweet (and clean?) in it.


Beckett looks so young and innocent here, it's sweet.

Look at his little pissed-off face!

His legs just go on forever. They're amazing.

YAY GEOGRAPHY!!!! The blue on the map is land!

Brian's really working it in this picture. He's maybe the only person on the planet that can kind of rock a mullet.

I love Brian's eye makeup.

I like pictures of people doing their makeup.

One of my favorite pictures of Brian Molko.

Oh Rufus, your pants are an eyesore but I still think you're beautiful BB.

OMG I ♥ this picture.

My favorite Rufus picture but maybe one of my favorite people pictures too.

I love the way the font and red stripe are laid out in this pic. Also, OMG A GIRL!

I covet her hat.

Another girl! Holy Crap!

Again with the makeup application.

The only bad thing about b&w pictures of AFI is that you can't see how pretty the colora in Davey's tattoo are.

Jade with an umbrella makes me happy. I don't know why.

Another favorite picture.

Technicolor snack food!

A little bit bratty + a little bit snarky + really totally awesome = Green Day.

Look at Tre Cool's glasses!

Mike looks like he's about to zoom away cartoon style, Tre looks like he's having fun on a trampoline, and Billie's wearing an ugly-ass dress. Awesome.

The only problem with Green Day b&w's is that you can't see the amazing color of their eyes.

Top three things about this picture. 3)Mike's jacket 2)Steven Smith...YAY! 3)Billie Joe's socks.

The switiching between b&w and color on Bullet In a Bible kind of bugged me but there's no denying that the b&w bits were gorgeous.

Panic! featuring Bredon Urie as 'Thug #1.'


More makeup. :)

One of my favorite Panic! pics 'cause Brendon lookes like a circus zombie in it.

I'm worried that Ryan might drown in his ruffles.

The flowers on the glove are too much!

Awwww, old school FOB. I like how genuinely happy Pete looks here.


Sepia rocks.

LOL. Man of many hats. Also...lips.

HAHA...total mayspace picture. LOL.

I don't really care what's supposed to maybe be happening in this picture, I love it.

Vest, white pants, and starry whore boots. Wow.

Awwww....summer of like.

Kissy face!

I like this picture 'cause it creeps me out a little bit.

Too much adorable. How is it possible that this man is 30?

Again with the makeup.

I ♥ these photos. The light reflecting on his hair and the fur coat, it's all so perfect.

I find Gerard playing tambourine funny and Frank's love of destruction hot.

Gee's smile and Frank's WTH face are love!

Too cool for school much?


Whenver I see this pic I think that Frank is telling himself to shut up, which I find hysterical.

Watching him play guitar is pretty much the most enjoyable thing ever.

GUH x 1,000,000. Seriously.

That hat is atrocious but whatevs, he's so adorable that it's almost cute.

One of these days I'm just gonna up and die after looking at pictures of these boys. It will be a noble death.

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