24 June 2007 @ 12:47 am
I just got back from seeing Serenity (didn't just finish seeing it but I just got back)!!!! I have insane amounts of love for Joss Whedon and that movie.

My friend Karen and I started watching Firefly some time in the late fall. I'd already seen it through multiple times but she'd never seen it before so I set out to convert her. It took us forever to get through all the episodes (we only just finished a few weeks ago) but I thoroughly enjoyed watching it through again. I got excited when I heard there were going to be benefit screenings of Serenity that nicely coincided with the completion of the series.

The screening was at a theater in West Seattle, The Admiral, that I've never been to before and we ended up being 10 minutes late. That sucked, but at least there will still a few open seats. Unfortunately for us, two open seats together could only be found in the very front row. I've never watched a movie from that vantage point and now that I know why front seats never appealed to me I hope to never again. But, it was still wroth it 'cause the movie's awesomeness helped make up for the cricked neck.

I saw the movie 3 times while it was in theaters and have also watched the DVD a few times. Even after repeat viewings I'm still thrilled by it. It was so fun seeing it with such a receptive/fanatical crowd. It was awesome to hear the uproarious laughter when Jayne said something stupid, the applause when Serenity lead the reavers into attack, and the emotion when Wash died (even though most of us knew it was coming).

I still feel heartbroken when Boook and Wash die. I'm still worried for the rest of our heroes when they're fighting the reavers, even though I know they'll win in the end. By the time Simon get's shot I still feel like I can't take anymore and that Joss is one crazy bastard even though I KNOW they'll all make it through. I still think the Operative is an awesome baddie (and that Chiwetel Ejiofor is great, and has an AWESOME name) and that Mal is one of the most bad ass heroes ever. Even though the show ended too soon (that's an understatement) I'm still glad to have the ability to re-watch the show and film and feel the same elation I felt the first time I saw them.

I think Joss needs to make all our lives better and come back to television. I miss not having a Joss show to watch, TV is a much duller place without him.

Next weekend there's a sing-along showing of Buffy's Once More With Feeling at the Egyptian Theater. I'm really hoping (and am tentatively planning) to go to this for two reasons. One, because it's Buffy, duh, and OMWF is AMAZING and two, because I've ALWAYS wanted to go to a midnight movie at the Egyptian (to see Rocky Horror, Monty Python, any awesome movie they show) but have never actually done it. Hopefully it will be as gratifying and seeing Serenity on the big screen again was.

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