05 July 2007 @ 01:26 am
Just got back from 4th of July festivities at Gas Works park (which is where Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles played paintball in the movie "10 Things I Hate Abut You"). I've never been to the fireworks there (I've never been there period) and I'm really glad I went this year because they were spectacular.

I enjoyed the day with my friend Karen, her older sister Becky, Becky's finance John and their two friends. I got there at about 1 pm (if you want a good spot you have to go early) and it was already 82 degrees and pretty crowded. We got a prime spot really close to the water, down the hill from this creepy inflatable Statue of Liberty head. We had about 9 hours to kill; we entertained ourselves by reading a lot, eating a lot, and walking around a lot (it was more fun than it sounds). I got a pretty awesome tan, though it seems to have only taken well on the right arm (I liberally applied sunscreen to my tattoo on my left wrist but didn't use it on the rest of that arm), I'm not sure how that happened.

At one point during the evening, some guys in the crowd inflated huge beach balls and started tossing them around the gathered people. It reminded me of the times in high school when people would smuggle those into assemblies (and graduations) and try to keep them in the air as long as possible before the administration got a hold of them. Good times.

Before the show started the Experience Gospel Choir sang the national anthem which prompted a discussion about how almost no one can sing it well. I thought it would be neat if we changed our anthem to "America Fuck Yeah" from the movie Team America.

The fireworks started at about 10ish and were really impressive. I think the guys sitting behind us were drunk because their enthusiasm was a little disproportionate to the level of the show's awesomeness. Also, I heard one of the guys behind me exclaim things such as "this would be awesome to watch on acid," which was very amusing. The music selection they played during the show was a little weird, though they played some Stones, Queen, and Hendrix, which was cool.

All in all it was a pretty great day.

View of Seattle from Gas Works Park.

A picture of tonight's fireworks.

- I didn't take either of the above pictures. I did take some pics with Karen's camera which I'll probably post whenever she sends them to me.

I hope everyone had a great Fourth!!!
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