06 August 2007 @ 04:13 am
I have a ton of black and white pictures so I decided to do a picspam with some (a lot) of them.

In the Picspam: TV (House, Heroes, Lost, Jossverse, Spn, etc...) and Music (P!ATD, TAI, FOB, MCR, Green Day, Placebo, etc...).

80%+ of the pics were originally in b&w but some I photoshopped. Also, some sepia and colored b&w photos pop up but I made the picspam so I can deviate from it's theme if I want.

09 October 2006 @ 02:26 am
1. Please Comment! (even if you’re not taking). I'm always interested to know which icons people like.
2. Credit ([livejournal.com profile] equanimity23) is appreciated but not necessary.
3. Feel free to edit/add text to icons or ask me to edit/add or subtract text from them.
4. DO NOT HOTLINK. If you don't know if you're hotlinking/what hotlinking is read this
5. See My Resources Post For Brushes/Textures Etc..
6. All of my icons are indexed in this post
7. If you like the goods or you're interested in my interests, Feel free to friend me (I'll most likely friend you back).

[17] Green Day - Includes performance w/U2
[18] My Chemical Romance - Includes WTTBP icons
[04] The Raconteurs
[09] Rufus Wainwright
[20] The Colbert Report
[27] The Daily Show
[28] The Office - Episode 3x01 'Gay Witch Hunt'
[14] Studio 60 - Episodes 1x01 'Pilot" & 1x03 'The Focus Group'
[39] House - From 2x15 'Clueless', 3x01 'Meaning', 3x02 'Cane & Able', and a few actor pics
[42] Lost - From "Lost: A Tale of Survival" so different bits from both seasons & some S2 bloopers (a couple have very mild slash).
[45] Queer as Folk - 3x09 & 3x10


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