24 June 2007 @ 12:47 am
I just got back from seeing Serenity (didn't just finish seeing it but I just got back)!!!! I have insane amounts of love for Joss Whedon and that movie.

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12 October 2006 @ 03:05 am
So I got the chance to see The Who perform at the Key Arena tonight and it was pretty amazing. I knew that they would be good, I mean they're The Who, but I didn't know they'd be as good as they were. They played a bunch of great famous songs like Pinball Wizard, My Generation, Who Are You, You Better You Bet, Baba O'Riley (Teenage Wasteland), & Won't Get Fooled Again. They also played a bunch of songs from their new album (the first in 20+ yrs) which is coming out soon. Those songs were good to; it's hard to compare them to the older songs because those are rock & roll classics but they were certainly enjoyable.

Everything sounded great all around, the musical instruments and the vocals. Pete Townshend can really wail on his guitar and Roger Daltrey screams with the best of them. I left the concert with a pleasant fuzziness in my hearing ability!

Anyway, I still kind of can't believe that I got to see The Who. I'm still excited about it! And on Tuesday I get to see the Rolling Stones (w/special guest Dave Matthews Band)...I think I may soon go deaf.

Oh, and hearing "Won't Get Fooled Again" always makes me think of the Bushism "Fool me.....can't get fooled again" and The Daily Show making fun of it:

In other rock & roll related news, I was able to see the new John Lennon documentary "The US VS John Lennon" last weekend. I would recommend the film based solely on the fact that you get to hear tons of Beatles and Lennon's solo music which is always a treat. I also loved watching all of the protest footage from that era. It was interesting to see the unique things that John and Yoko did to non-violently protest the Vietnam war. They showed lots of footage of John and Yoko's "bed in" which they held, in lieu of a honeymoon, like a sit in protest. It was funny watching them try to explain their concept of "total communication," which consisted of them hiding themselves in a bag, to the press which just wanted pictures of them and who were baffled by what they were doing. I also loved seeing the billboards that they bought all around the world that read "War is over if you want it. Merry Christmas, John & Yoko." I've heard the song merry x-mas (war is over) but I never knew they financed a billboard campaign to go along with it.

I was also interested in the details of the plot to get John & Yoko deported because of their influence over the new younger voting bloc. But ultimately, even though the "US VS" part of the movie was interesting I think the reason it was enjoyable was because John Lennon was such an unrivaled, unique personality and it was great to see so much footage of him that I hadn't previously seen. Also, the documentary did a good job of keeping the commentary relevant to the time period instead of drawing parallels to the present (although there were one or two comments) but I was struck by how many disturbing parallels I was drawing during the movie, they didn't have to do it for me.

Trailer for "The US VS John Lennon":

09 March 2006 @ 11:10 am
My thoughts on this years Oscars. What I liked, what I didn’t, and Jon Stewarty goodness.

Also, thanks to Rania and Emily for coming over to watch the show with me. It’s never as fun to snark to an empty room.

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05 March 2006 @ 04:04 pm
Thank goodness for Netflix. A list of Movies I've seen in the last week and what I thought of them. Listed in order of goodness.

Capote: I had heard such praise for the movie that I had really high expectations going in. Luckily, the film managed to surpass my high expectations. I knew the acting would be good but I was pleasantly surprised that the plot was so interesting and that there were more jokes peppered throughout the movie than I’d expected. The highlight was definitely Philip Seymour Hoffman’s stunning portrayal of the fey and eccentric Truman Capote. It was enthralling to watch him go from likeable-if-quirky socialite to manipulative phony during his investigations and interviews for his true crime “novel” In Cold Blood. I think that if PSH wins the best actor Oscar this Sunday it will be totally deserved.

Truman Capote: Ever since I was a child, folks have thought they had me pegged, because of the way I am, the way I talk. And they're always wrong

Truman Capote: It's as if Perry (the killer) and I grew up in the same house. And one day he went out the back door and I went out the front.

Walk the Line: I love Joaquin Phoenix, he seems weird and funny and he’s really likeable. He’s also reliably very good in every movie he’s in and Walk the Line is no exception. He and Reese Witherspoon are both fun to watch as they portray Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash’s sometimes contentious but ultimately loving relationship. I was also pleasantly surprised at how great Phoenix and Witherspoon sounded as they were made to sing their own part (as opposed to lip-synching to Johnny and June’s real recordings). One cautionary warning: if you can’t stand old school country/bluegrass music (like Elvis or Jerry Lee Lewis) then don’t see this movie because there’s tons of it.

June Carter: [on stage w/John] We've got these people all revved up, John. Now c'mon, let's sing Jackson for 'em.
Johnny Cash: You've got me all revved up. Now I've asked you forty different ways and it's time you come up with a fresh answer.
June Carter: Please sing.
Johnny Cash: I'm asking you to marry me. I love you, June. Now I know I said and done a lotta things, that I hurt you, but I promise, I'll never do that again. I only want to take care of you. I will not leave you like that dutch boy with your finger in the dam.
June Carter: [shakes head]
Johnny Cash: You're my best friend. Marry me.
June Carter: [quietly] Alright.
Johnny Cash: Yeah?
[They kiss & the crowd cheers]

Batman Begins: Easily the best batman movie I’ve seen and one of the better comic book movies out there. I enjoyed seeing Bruce Wayne as a kid and the catalyst for him becoming Batman. Loved Michael Caine as Alfred, Morgan Freeman as Batman’s gadget maker, and the yummy Cillian Murphy as Dr. Crane/The Scarecrow. I didn’t love Katie Holmes (although she didn’t suck or mention Tom Cruise which were pluses) or pretty much any of Liam Niesson’s sage advice for Bruce.

Bruce Wayne: People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy and I can't do that as Bruce Wayne, as a man I'm flesh and blood I can be ignored I can be destroyed but as a symbol, as a symbol I can be incorruptible, I can be everlasting

Junebug: This is an independent film about a small town family meeting their new big city, art gallery owning daughter-in-law for the first time. The highlight of the movie is definitely Oscar nominated Amy Adam’s performance as the quirky, meerkat loving, chatterbox Ashley, who is just captivated by her new big city sister. The movie was able to be both light and funny and sad and frustrating at the same time.

Ashley: I can't sit down! I'm too excited! (pretty much sums up her character)

The 40 Year Old Virgin: I think I would have found this movie funnier if I was a guy, that’s just my suspicion. To me, most of the humor came from Steve Carell’s reactions to other people being idiots. If I were to compare this to Wedding Crashers, which I’m about to, I would say that Crashers wins hands down. But I still love Steve Carell and The Office rules. Also, props to whoever shot the poster for this movie, its comic gold (see below).

David: I gotta tell you something. I'm really excited about it. Uh, for the first time today, I woke up... I came to the store, and I feel confident to say to you that if you don't take this Michael McDonald DVD that you've been playing for two years straight, off, I'm going to kill everyone in the store and put a bullet in my brain.
Paula: David, what do you suggest we play?
David: I don't care. Anything. I would rather watch "Beautician and the Beast". I would rather listen to Fran Drescher for eight hours than have to listen to Michael McDonald. Nothing against him, but if I hear "Yah Mo B There" one more time, I'm gonna yah mo burn this place to the ground.
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10 January 2006 @ 12:56 pm
Here’s a list of my favorite movies from the year 2005. I was surprised at how many really good ones there were.

I’ve listed seven movies here because I couldn’t widdle it down to five; I’ve also ordered them alphabetically because I couldn’t decide which I loved the most. The descriptions of the movies and the quotes come from imdb.com (except for Serenity’s because it sucked). I've also added my own comments after the summaries.

I highly recommend going to see or renting all of these movies.

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